Are you looking for a way to get your product, music, or company into the eyes and ears of potential customers and fans? Are you searching for a way to bring in more money for your family and yourself, which grows month after month? Well now you are PLUGGED-IN.

Joining Le Plug comes with plenty of benefits including a dedicated Weekly targeted social media promotional team, monthly blogs and press-releases, digital-distribution, your own custom built website, gifts to your customers/fans for buying with you, Radio play/advertisements and much more.

All for only $75 a month. INCREDIBLE isn’t it??
Get Paid To Help Other Musicians, Artists, Models, Entrepreneurs and other Professionals.

Tell your friends about Le Plug. When you send them your link, and they register, you will be paid every month for being their PLUG. Also, you will be paid for everyone they Plug-in, and whoever they Plug-In, and so forth for 4 Outlets(levels) deep.


Monthly Payments To You!!

1st Outlet- Your PERSONAL Plugs= $10 Each month for everyone on your 1st outlet
2nd Outlet- Who Your 1st Outlet Plugs In= $5 Each month for everyone on your 2nd outlet
3rd Outlet- Who Your 2nd Outlet Plugs In= $3 Each month for everyone on your 3rd outlet
4th Outlet- Who Your 3rd Outlet Plugs In= $2 Each month for everyone on your 4th outlet

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